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At Allied Accounting and Auditing, we work to make life easier for our clients and their companies. As a local business and chartered accounting firm based in Dubai- UAE, we give closely held firms and entrepreneurs innovative business solutions they need to succeed.
Allied Accounting and Auditing was established in 2002 in the United Arab Emirates by experts Auditor Rashid Ahmad Al Sheikh based on the most modern and practical standards of  state of the art performance. The firm has within this short period earned high accountability and credibility within the United Arab Emirates amongst audit firms for its professional auditing achievements.
The firm offers sophisticated technology and professional support and is devoted to excellence in providing professional services and advice to all types of companies regardless of their activities and legal entities.
Our objective is to provide a comprehensive best quality service based on practical and modern approaches.

With a sound reputation in dealing with professional bodies and institutions and cost effective service for positive, speedy and entrepreneurial business advice, Allied Accounting and Auditing has invested wisely in resources and technologies to expedite the auditing and accounting proccesses and keep abreast with national and international trends and development in this field.
Allied Accounting and Auditing provides its clients with sound advice to address the challenges and opportunities in the audit process to maximize the benefits, opportunities arising from their activities.
At Allied Accounting and Auditing we also offer our valuable clients a unique combination of experience, integrity and service backed by years of experience in auditing, financial accounting and administration fields to meet your exact needs and requirements. Your success is our objective.

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